The 91st Academy Awards Recap

The 91st Academy Awards have now come and gone. What a year for the awards show full of ups and, well, mainly downs. With some horrendous decisions made, followed by major backpedaling, this has been one of the most frustrating years for fans of the Oscars. But now that show has past and we know our winners, let’s talk about it.

Starting right off the bat with one of the biggest controversies of the year, no host. I was so disappointed with the handling of the Kevin Hart situation, and after that,  no one wanted to take the thankless job of hosting the show. Having no host is not ideal, it breaks tradition and lots of viewers tune in only to see the host. After now having seen the show, I really enjoyed the change of pace to the show. It was clear and straight to the point and I would welcome the change again.

Best Picture Winner Green Book

Green Book took home the big prize of Best Picture and deservedly so. Green Book might not be the deepest film or most innovative film, but it has an universal story of love and friendship that should be seen. This is a movie that people should be proud that it wears the Best Picture banner, this is the movie that should go down in history as the best of 2018 for generations to come to discover. Along with the best picture win, Mahershala Ali took home best supporting actor. No complaints there, I personally was rooting for Richard E. Grant as he was my favourite performance of the year, but Ali was a great pick. No surprise there.

The best speech goes to Olivia Coleman for her genuine, heartfelt, and hilarious acceptance speech for Best Lead Actress. I personally thought it was going to be Glenn Close who was going to take the win, and I’m glad she didn’t. I watched The Wife and I thought it was a decent movie with a much more interesting story than what was presented. Glenn Close was quite good in it, but I liked everyone else nominated in the category’s performance more, for say Yalitza Aparicio. I’m very happy with all the acting category wins. Rami Malek crushed it as Freddie Mercury and Regina King was easily the best in her category.

Rami Malek, Olivia Colman, Regina King, and Mahershala Ali

Alfonso Cuarón made history with Roma. This is the first win for Mexico in the foreign film category. Along with that win, it took home several other awards like Best Director and Best Cinematography. Since the 2013 Academy Awards the Best Director award has gone to a Mexican filmmaker every year except for one year where Damien Chazelle won for La La Land. Just a fact I found fascinating.

Favourite moments of the night go to

  • Samuel L. Jackson announcing Spike Lee’s win for Best Adapted Screenplay and the embrace they gave each other
Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson
  • Richard E. Grant’s expression when Barbra Streisand took the stage
Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant’s reaction to Barbra Streisand
  • Hannah Beachler (Production Designer for Black Panther) thanking Ryan Coogler for his direction on Black Panther

This year, after all the controversy/backlash the Academy went through (and maybe deservedly so), they really pulled off a great show. The main focus was exactly where it needed to be, on the awards. I can’t wait until next years!

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