Fighting with My Family Review

Fighting with My Family is the newest based on real life WWE Diva’s Wrestler, Paige, from the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment, Dwayne “The Rock’ Johnson. We follow Saraya Knight (Paige) and her family, as she goes through the struggles and trials of making her dream of being a WWE superstar a reality. She comes from a wrestling family from Norwich, England. As a family, they run a small wrestling community, where they help train local kids and teens from their town and get them involved with the sport and help keep them out of trouble. Paige and her brother Zak both dreamed of being pro wrestlers in the WWE. When Paige is accepted in the WWE NXT program and Zak doesn’t, it begins to cause tension in the family.

This movie was great. As someone who watched Wrestling casually when I was younger and haven’t really paid any attention to it for quite a few years now, I can tell you, you do not need to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this movie. Just like any great sports movie, the drama lies within the characters aspirations, their struggle to fulfill themselves, and to find that sense of belonging. The sport is almost irrelevant in a lot of cases. Fighting with My Family at its core is a movie about family. The tension between siblings and the pressure that one can feel from a parents desire and push for their child do something they want them to do is an universal theme that anyone can relate to. Fighting with My Family is at its best when they focus on the family dynamics. So let’s talk about the Family

Nick Frost steals every second of screen time he has as the former banking robbing turned amateur wrester dad of the family. This guy is hilarious in this role and that’s another thing about this movie, it’s really funny. Florence Pugh playing as our lead is perfect. She looks and sounds just like real life Paige and she carries this film with such grace behind her. The flip side of this coin is her brother played by Jack Lowden. Some of the best and most relatable moments reloved around the internal warfare going on with his character. Letting go of a dream that has been his life’s goal ever since he could remember and having to be okay with your sister living out that dream. He has to decide what kind of man he wants to be for himself and for the family, it’s some of the best stuff in the movie. We get to know a little bit about the kids they train in wrestling. Zak’s influence over these kids is really touching and fun to watch.

Vince Vaughn is nowhere to be found in any of the posters or marketing. I don’t even recall seeing him in any trailers (I could be wrong, I’m just saying he’s not really featured in any marketing regardless). Dwayne Johnson is plastered all over this movie and I think he has 2 scenes in the whole movie. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand why he is all over the marketing, he gets butts in seats, I get that. I’m just saying give Vince some love cause this guy is great in this movie. He plays the trainer/coach of the NXT program Paige gets invited to. I love these kind of roles for him. The one on one moments he shares with Paige are some great moments of insight to the bigger picture of the story and the world of wrestling itself. And like any great sports movie, there is a training montage and it’s pretty awesome.

Fighting with My Family is one of the best movies out right now. Stephen Merchant’s writing and dialogue perfectly captures family drama while finding the humour in it as well. You don’t need to be a wrestling fan to see it, just a fan of good movies. Go see this one, you will not regret it.

Score: B+

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