Now that Avengers: ENDGAME has been out for a couple weeks now, I thought I would share my full thoughts on the movie. This is going to be a SPOILER review. If you have not seen Avengers: ENDGAME, stop and come back after you’ve seen the movie. If you want to know my thoughts, I have a non-spoiler review up all ready for you to enjoy. Alright, there is so much in this movie that I felt I needed to see it a second before I sat down to write this. This is a jammed packed 3hr movie, and I think the only way to get into this, is by starting from the top.

We all knew it was going to happen, but it still didn’t hold back the emotional punch of seeing Hawkeye’s family disappear. The whole first act of ENDGAME really showed us how tragic and impactful the snap was to the world. What they did with a few of the characters was give them a physical representation of how the events of Infinity War affect them. Hawkeye turns into a cold hearted assassin, killing those who abuse their gift of life. It’s a dark turn for him, and I really thought it worked because of just how painful it was to see his family vanish.

Tony’s blow out just when he gets back to earth is an incredibly well-acted scene. Robert Downey Jr. really gives it his all in this performance. Everything he has to say is pretty spot on in my opinion. In a lot of the Marvel movies, they tend to take Captain America’s side and paint Tony as someone who is wrong and misguided in his choices when it comes to things like the creation of Ultron or the Sokovia accords. I like how they flip that dynamic, and we get to see that everything Tony did was to prevent this from happening, and Steve Rogers wasn’t there to have his back. It’s the reunion I didn’t expect to get. After that scene the remaining Avengers head to Thanos’ planet and Thor straight up kills him. The beheading was jarring and surprising, but I wasn’t too surprised they killed him this early in the movie. My theory was Thanos wasn’t going to be the main threat for the film, and in a way, I was right. At least the Thanos from Infinity War wasn’t the main threat. Thor’s line right after was so cool as well, “I went for the head.”

Five years later, and we’re only 30 minutes into the movie if that. Ant-Man shows up with a theory for time travel, which I feel we all knew was coming at some point. Cap, Black Widow, and Scott then take it Tony for his help, and we learn he has a kid. I was terrified after we see Morgan. For Tony, he got lucky and made a life out of this tragedy. He now has something to lose if this gets reversed. It was an interesting dynamic to add to this already conflicted person. When Tony declines to help, it takes the three of them to the next biggest brain, which leads to our next significant character change. Hulk and Banner have converged together, it’s Hulk but with Banner’s mind and it was a change I found to be a lot of fun. And it makes sense, it feels like a natural progression for Bruce Banner and an excellent way to keep the Hulk from turning stale. He’s taking pictures with kids, finally being able to enjoy being a superhero for once in his life. Mark Ruffalo looked like he was having a lot of fun.

Let’s talk about Thor. Fat Thor was so awesome. I didn’t see this coming a mile away. Chris Hemsworth is such a brilliant comedic actor, his timing and delivery of his lines were spot on every time. He is a way better actor then what he gets credit for. I like the message it sends out too. Here is a guy suffering from depression and anxiety attacks and is overweight, but in the end he still chooses to stand up and fight. None of his problems go away, the lightning doesn’t make him skinny again, but he still chooses to be a hero.

Let’s jump to the time travel. I figured time travel would play a part in this movie, I just didn’t know how. How the filmmakers established their rules for time travel by calling Back to the Future and other films a bunch of B.S. was pretty funny and gave a clear picture of what their rules were. I guess instead of traditional changing the past you change the future, Marvel’s rule is when you change the past you create an alternate strand of time, essentially creating an alternate universe. A perfect way to set up a new Disney+ show. You know that’s what happens to Loki when he takes the Tesseract and disappears in the 2012 timeline that Tony and Ant-Man messed up in. It’s a good setup for his T.V. show. The choice to have the Avengers go back throughout all their movies and collect the stones was awesome. Really fun and creative. It provided us with a lot of hilarious scenes like, “Hail Hydra,” Cap vs. Cap, “so many stairs!”, or Chris Pratt doing his iconic Guardians opening dance. It even provided some really heartfelt scenes with Thor and his mom and Tony with his Dad.

Hawkeye and Black Widow head out to Vormir to retrieve the soul stone, which I understand why the filmmakers picked those two to go out there, but in the context of the Avengers picking people the most equipped for each stone, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Sending the two non-superhuman humans to space when both of them have the least amount of experience in space for this mission I feel strategically, wasn’t the smartest decision even though it does work out in the end. Just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to be going out there. But it does lead to one of the many emotional scenes in the movie where Black Widow sacrifices herself. The score by Alan Silvestri is beautiful and hits a heavy blow in that scene. There’s a lot of concern about the Black Widow movie that was announced before this movie came out. With her death in this movie, was a solo movie not actually going to happen, is it canceled now? I don’t think so, Kevin Feige doesn’t strike me as an executive that would announce something that people have been begging for for years just to throw people off and cancel the movie. My guess is it will be a prequel or take place in one of the alternative timelines created in this movie.

Skipping ahead, Thanos is now attacking Avengers base, and we have the three OG’s going head to head with Thanos. Everyone lost their minds when Cap catches Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) in the theater. Another scene that I think caught everyone off guard. Watching him wield it with his shield was like every nerd’s dream. I loved it, I mean how could you not. This is something we’ve been wanting to see since Age of Ultron. Seeing Cap possess the power of Thor and whip lightning at Thanos was totally satisfying. If you are wondering how Cap was able to call down lightning, remember in Thor Odin says, whoever shall be worthy of holding the hammer shall possess the power of Thor.

When all hope seems lost at the end when Cap stands down an entire army by himself, the radio call “On your left” was the perfect way to bring in everyone for the final epic battle. What goes on in this movie is unlike anything we have ever seen before. This battle is the accumulation of 22 films. I don’t think there is any other movie that you see a character fighting a battle that you have not spent any time within that movie and feel so invested in them. That’s what Marvel has done so well, tell stories like a comic book in movie form. We didn’t have to spend any time with Peter Parker in this movie to feel the emotional weight of his character, all that groundwork has been laid out in previous films that now we can just enjoy the payoff. This end battle was everything I wanted and more in a comic book movie.

“I am Iron Man,” is perhaps the most fitting line for any characters last words. When Pepper tells Tony, “we’re going to be okay, you can rest now,” I teared up. What Tony has learned and how he has grown has all led to this one moment. A sacrifice to save the world. A heroic end to a beloved hero. Robert Downey Jr. is amazing, I honestly hope we hear some Oscar buzz for him because he is simply incredible and has completely embodied this character for the past 11 years. Watching his funeral and looking at everyone he inspired and touch throughout this astonishing saga of films was a beautiful moment, and the perfect send-off for Iron Man.

Old man Cap, passing the mantle onto Sam, having a lived a life that he never got the chance to, was again, the perfect send-off for this character. The moment shared between Sam and Steve on the bench says it all. It makes sense that Sam got the shield and not Bucky. Yes, he was brainwashed, but still, he was terrorist and assassin… probably not the best idea to give him the mantle that represents all that is good in America. Cap gets the life he always wanted and to have the end shot end with him, and Peggy dancing is one of the most touching and beautiful moments in any superhero movie ever.

ENDGAME gives something that most Marvel movies never do, a sense of finality. There’s no direct setup for future films, no end credits. Just an end to this chapter in the MCU. I could not be happier with this movie and how it turned out. I feel completely satisfied with this ending, and if they weren’t going to make any more movies, I’d be more than happy with the ending we got. But I’m so glad we are getting more. I can not wait to see what Marvel has in store for us in the next phases.

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