Terminator: Dark Fate

After 3 failed attempts to reach the high bar set by James Cameron in 1991, the Terminator franchise has stumbled and failed time and time again. However, this is the first time Cameron has returned to the franchise since T2, in both a writing and producing capacity. With his involvement and Tim Miller, director of […]

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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is directed by Robert Eggers and stars Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe and takes place on a remote island in the 1890s. As I sit here trying to gather my thoughts on the film, I am struggling to find words to describe the experience I had when watching this film. The Lighthouse follows […]

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Zombieland: Double Tap

I knew from the opening credits, as we see the return of our heroes kill zombies as they storm the white house while Metallica’s Master of Puppets roared through the speakers, I was in for a good time. Zombieland: Double Tap is the long-awaited sequel (at least to some people) of horror-comedy Zombieland. 10 years […]

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Gemini Man

From visionary director, Ang Lee comes the newest technological experiment, Gemini Man. Gemini Man follows an over the hill hitman played by Will Smith as Henry Brogan as he tries to retire from the business. Henry soon finds out some information that he shouldn’t know, now the government that he served for 25 years is […]

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Joker is based on the popular Batman villain The Joker, a character with an unknown origin story, and tells a cautionary tale of a man disregarded by society. I was cautiously curious about this film, especially when it was first announced. I had no worries that Joaquin Phoenix wouldn’t put in a stellar performance, I […]

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Ad Astra

I think for me any film that tries to tell a space exploration story has to be admired on some level. The amount of creativity and ambition it takes to put something so unknown to mankind on the big screen should be something that is celebrated, and Ad Astra is definitely worth that celebration. Ad […]

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The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch is the book to film adaptation of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner written by Donna Tartt. The book tackles such grand themes of grief and how one processes a tragic loss in their life. How these moments can rob so much from a person’s life. It’s an epic tale of a boy’s life […]

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IT Chapter Two

IT Chapter Two is the follow up of critically and commercially successful IT. IT is an adaptation of the behemoth of a book written by Stephen King and is the 2nd time IT has been adapted. The first time being the TV miniseries starring Tim Curry as Pennywise. The book follows a non-linear approach to […]

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Good Boys

“What if we did Superbad, but with 6th graders?” is what I can only imagine Seth Rogen saying when pitching this movie. And that’s pretty much what this movie is, Superbad but in middle school. Good Boys is a decent comedy with some genuinely funny moments and gags that meanders a little bit to find […]

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Hobbs and Shaw

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw is the newest installment in the Fast franchise and its first spinoff (that’s if you don’t count Tokyo Drift as a spinoff). Fast Five was the first time that the Fast and Furious franchise fully understood what kind of a franchise they wanted to be, thus resulting in […]

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