Spider-Man Ranked

The Spider-Man character has seen 3 live-action interpretations put to the big screen, with each new actor having a few movies under their belt. Spider-Man is a beloved character and is easily one of my favourites. Spider-Man is also a very important character in the comic book movie genre as a whole. Sam Rami’s Spider-Man […]

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The X-Men Franchise Ranked

The X-Men franchise is one of the most important franchises in comic book movie history. They are responsible for so much of the genre and where it is now. Because of the X-Men, superhero movies became a part of pop culture and opened the door for things like the MCU. These movies are not without […]

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Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is the 12th film from Fox X-Men/Mutant universe and its final film. This is now the second time the Dark Phoenix storyline has been adapted from the comics, the first time being in X-Men: The Last Stand and now in Dark Phoenix. Some unknown entity has been absorbed by the powerful mutant/X-Men, Jean […]

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Hellboy is the 3rd live-action Hellboy movie to hit theatres and the 1st in this newly rebooted franchise. No more Guillermo del Toro or Ron Perlman this time around, instead we have Neil Marshall behind the camera and David Harbour of Stranger Things taking the mantle of Hellboy. With a new cast and crew, an […]

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