2020 Mini-Reviews

So… it’s been a while. At the end of my favourite movies of 2019 list I said, “I can’t wait to keep sharing my thoughts and opinions on films in 2020,” or something along those lines. And ever since the post I haven’t written a single review, list, or editorial. Now with a global pandemic […]

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Midsommar is the anticipated second feature from director/writer Ari Aster. With his incredible feature debut, the haunting and creepy Hereditary, Aster had caught a lot of people’s attention with his slow-burn pace, methodical camera movements and cuts, and his disturbing depictions on family and grief. Midsommar continues with Aster’s fascination with grief and themes of […]

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Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary is now the second adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel, this time starring Jason Clarke and John Lithgow. This Pet Sematary follows the same story structure as King’s novel and the 1989 movie, but with a few new changes and twists. Pet Sematary is about the Creed family who moves into a […]

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